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innovative injection molding department in operation

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The Moba head office in Barneveld, the Netherlands, is undergoing a renovation to expand and modernize production facilities and offices in various stages. The renovation will be completed by the end of 2020 — but Moba is already reaping the benefits of this modernization as some parts of the renovation are already finished. One example is the new and innovative injection molding department that has already been in operation for months.

An ingenious robot that works side-by-side with humans, a fire-resistant bunker to keep all the molds safe and an ultramodern and fully automated dryer system. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The new Moba injection molding department is considered to be one of the most modern in Europe with state-of-the-art machinery and optimal working conditions due to climate control and silent machines.


With a team of eight, we moved all 1,800 molds and machines. This was a mountain of work, but we worked hard as a team and within a week the move was completed.

1,800 molds

A team that works at Moba's molding department was in charge of the construction of the new plant. "Employees often work at Moba for a long time, sometimes up to fifty years," Mr. William van de Fliert, head of the Injection Molding and Tool Manufacturing department, explains. "For example, our Teamleader Injection Molding, Mr. Ronald de Jong, has been working at Moba for 35 years. These people know better than anyone how to set up the department as efficiently as possible." The preparations began in August 2017. The first part of the renovation began in October 2018, and by the end of June 2019 the machines were running at full speed in the brand-new injection molding plant. "With a team of eight, we moved all 1,800 molds and machines. This was a mountain of work, but we worked hard as a team and within a week the move was completed."

The result is impressive — a state-of-the-art department, one of the most modern in Europe. According to Mr. De Jong, that has everything to do with the high-quality of the machinery and the focus on climate control. A very well-conditioned base-material and a steady production environment contribute to perfect end-products for our customers. Making plastic parts may seem easy, but only with the best equipment and procedures high-quality industrial plastics can be manufactured. Also for the Moba employees the new factory is a big improvement. "When you enter a factory that manufactures plastic, it often smells. Those vapors are not good for your health. When you enter our new molding department, you hardly smell anything. We also keep the temperature around twenty degrees and check the noise level of every machine. At our former site, you couldn't understand each other when you stood near a machine. Now you have to listen very carefully to even hear if the equipment is turned on. This is an example of how Moba focuses on safety, quality and efficiency — not only in its own product portfolio, but also on the work floor." 

Our founder Mr. Job Mosterd was a visionary man. Decades ago, he already knew that plastic was the future.

Moba's gold

Moba produces and maintains the molds at the main factory. Mr. Van de Fliert adds: "A large part of our machines consists of plastic parts. The molds we use to fabricate those parts are therefore of vital importance — you could say they are Moba's gold. Our injection molding department produces around thirty new molds yearly. These are becoming increasingly complex due to sensors, hydraulics and hot runner systems. To properly protect our 1,800 molds, we have developed a special safe: a fire-resistant bunker with thick walls of 30 centimeters."

Ready for the future 

Handles, gears, test eggs: just a few examples of what Moba's injection molding department makes from plastic. And Moba has a long history in this field of work. "Our founder Mr. Job Mosterd was a visionary man," says Mr. De Jong. "Decades ago, he already knew that plastic was the future."

Mosterd's vision of innovation and his decision to keep everything in-house remains the focus at Moba, even 73 years after its foundation. An example of this is the state-of-the-art machinery Moba uses at the main factory, like a dryer installation that knows when the granulate is dry enough or the unmanned co-bot that will start operating in mid-2020. Mr. Van de Fliert states: "You can say that our department is ready for the future."


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