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Pelbo synchro626 project at Hawkeye pride farm

Improving yield and egg white quality

Moba offers the Pelbo Synchro626, the egg breaker separator with the highest capacity in the world. Thanks to its unique and innovative self-synchronization system, it can deliver unmatched performance. Our customer Center Fresh Group recently installed the Synchro626 at its Hawkeye Pride plant and has experienced first-hand the many benefits the equipment has to offer.

The Center Fresh Group, part of the Versova Family, is one of the leading shell egg and egg product producers in America with over 30 million layers and over 6 million young hens. It was founded by eight Iowa farm families with a rich history in farming and egg production. Even though Center Fresh Group has experienced significant growth over the years, they still maintain the same priorities that formed the foundation of their business; producing safe, quality eggs, keeping the flocks healthy, providing customer service at all times and being a responsible employer in the communities they operate.


Hawkeye Pride Egg Farm 

The Center Fresh Group consists of three farms located in America. One of them is the Hawkeye Pride Farm Facility in Corwith, Iowa. The farm is a state-of-the-art automated inline breaking facility designed to house 6,3 million hens, including 1,8 million free-range birds, and convey the eggs to three breakers for processing. The eggs are transported on belts from the hen houses to the transfer room, where the eggs are directed to a line for breaking. The eggs are then transferred from the flat belts to existing Moba accumulators, which place the eggs on spool bars for transport through the washer. Once the eggs are washed, they are inspected by candling operators to remove any leaking eggs. After inspection, the eggs continue on the servo-driven infeed to the breaker.

Hawkeye Pride Facility had worked with three Pelbo Synchro500 breakers for many years. The impressive performance of these breakers resulted in high-proven yield, minimum whole egg, quality yolk with high-proven dry matter and clean egg white (due to the unique breaker design combined with a high-efficiency vision system). On top of that, the breakers were easy to clean due to heated CIP cleaning and the basic practical design, which simplifies the cleaning and maintenance procedures. All of this made it easy for Center Fresh Group to commit yet again to Pelbo. In February 2019, the customer met with Moba Americas and inspected the Synchro626 at the Moba Americas Training Center. After this meeting, the Center Fresh Group was convinced and ordered the Synchro626 with an option to purchase two additional breakers.


The Synchro626 project at Hawkeye Pride Facility consisted of not only a new breaker, but also a new candling section and a new single-speed infeed conveyor as well. The equipment was installed at Hawkeye Pride in December 2019. Today, the breaker is running 630 cph daily, producing high-quality separated liquid egg products. According to Center Fresh Group, "the Synchro626 has improved yield while meeting the quality and dry matter standards for egg whites, while the high capacity has allowed them to finish breaking in less time than was previously required."


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