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Moba introduces the omnia xf2

All Omnia graders in all capacities 

The Omnia XF series has without doubt the biggest installed base in the egg industry. These machines have proven themselves to be reliable and are being operated by thousands of customers around the world. As the machines combine Moba's unsurpassed individual egg handling with stainless steel constructions and removable packer parts for easy cleaning, they were given the name "XF," standing for "eXtended Food safety. And now Moba introduces the new Omnia XF2. And thanks to the latest innovations, we can now offer all three Omnia ranges (XF2, FT and PX) in all capacities, from 45,000 eggs/hour to 255,000 eggs/hour.


Hygiene update

The Omnia XF series have proven themselves to be reliable as the machines combine Moba's unsurpassed individual egg handling with stainless steel constructions and removable packer parts. However, the accessibility for cleaning was limited and reaching all angles and corners in a sheet metal construction was a lot of work. That is why the new XF2 is equipped with an improved infeed system, similar to the  Omnia FT machines. The following features (mainly hygienic) are now for the XF2 as standard:

  • ·        Tubular infeed frame for better access during cleaning

  • ·        Infeed construction that allows for complete washdown

    ·        Orientator washdown construction with COP possibilities for the grippers

All capacities 

In addition to the technical upgrade featured on the XF2 machine, the capacity range has also been expanded. The highest capacity machine from the original XF series was the Omnia 330 with a capacity of 120,000 eggs/hour. From now on, the XF2 will have an available capacity of 45,000–255,000 eggs per hour. The capacity of the existing FT range has also been increased to 700 cases/hour. This means that thanks to the latest innovations, all three Omnia ranges (XF2, FT and PX) can offer an extremely broad range of capacities.


With a Moba Omnia egg grader, you will achieve the highest levels of efficiency and meet all the food safety standards. And of course, you can count on Moba's strong and reliable service network to avoid any issues with your operation.


Top efficiency

It goes without saying that the more eggs you sell, the more profit your business will generate. The percentage of incoming eggs that meet the standards to be sold as a consumer product is often referred to as "Table eggs %" or "Grade A %." Many customers confirmed that when they changed to an Omnia, they achieved an increase of 2% in Grade A eggs. This means a huge financial advantage for your company and it will minimize the wastage of valuable food!


There are three important factors behind why Moba's Omnia achieves such amazing numbers. Firstly, the Omnia is built in a way that optimizes yield by avoiding egg and pack damage and spoilage. This incorporates Moba's renowned expertise in individual egg handling, which ensures the eggs are transported in the most gentle manner possible, and the unique wide rollers that avoid egg-to-egg contact. Secondly, accurate detection systems like the blood detector and shell strength detector determine a quality level for every egg. Based on this information, the smart software, that the Omnia is also equipped with, optimizes the grading of different products and minimizes losses. And thirdly, the Omnia minimizes downtime through product-oriented programming.

Food safety

Food safety is paramount for egg producers. This is why Moba uses innovative technologies to ensure its equipment meets the highest standard of hygiene. All Moba Omnia graders are designed to minimize the presence of dirt spots that are potentially harmful to the eggs during operation. By positioning vital equipment above the egg flow, no dirt traps can fill up with drips from a dirty or leaking egg. At the same time, the stainless steel and open designs are manufactured in a way that allows the equipment to be easily cleaned after production.


Strong service network

Moba is a global organization with a personal touch. Our main focus is on preventive maintenance to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Through various training programs, remote diagnosis tools, iMoba monitoring and service care packs, we can assist you in keeping the equipment in good condition and making improvements to reach the highest level of efficiency. With nine spare parts locations around the globe, we maximize the availability of critical machine parts and minimize waiting times. As a Moba customer, you can count on the Moba Service team around the clock.


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