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Egg processing success in Albania

Aiba Group puts trust in Moba for all its egg processing needs

Aiba Group has been making a name in the Albanese egg market since its foundation in 1994. Due to its hard work and commitment to innovation, the company holds more than 35% of the market share today. In 2017, the company committed to Moba-Pelbo for all its egg processing needs and this year the company yet again entrusted Moba and purchased the Pelbo Ovolution1500.

In 1994, the Aiba Group was founded with the aim to improve the quality of life by offering top-quality products and great service. The company started with as main activity the production of animal food, but the focus shifted in 1999 due to the intensive growth of egg production in Albania. Nowadays, Aiba Group has a leading role in the egg production industry, not only based on its achievements, but also the innovative road the company has chosen to get to this point.


The company started with 32,000 chickens for egg production and has expanded the business ever since by implementing improved methods and systems every step of the way. Today, the company has a maximum housing capacity of more than 500,000 laying hens and holds more than 35% of the market share in Albania. Aiba Group’s mission in the egg industry is to treat the environment and livestock with respect, offer quality products at reasonable prices and to apply the latest techniques that will benefit its customers.

New market, new opportunities

In 2017, the company decided to enter a new market, the liquid egg industry. First in Albania and later in the south of the Balkans region. To do so, they needed top-quality and reliable equipment to ensure this adventure would become a success. After extensive research, they found their way to Moba-Pelbo.


Moba-Pelbo took care of all the engineering aspects of the processing line with special attention to the building construction, characteristics of the working area and the performance of the equipment. This approach resulted in a prefect and functional processing line where all spaces are properly dimensioned.


The line included a 27,000 eggs/hour breaking line, a complete automatic raw product handling line to fill and cool the products before storage in the storage tanks. From here, a 1,500 liters per hour pasteurizer unit equipped with Pelbo Cavitation Homogenizer technology pasteurizes the product that is then filled in the portable container or in the box pack. To complete the line, the machine is also equipped with an automatic CIP unit. 


With the equipment, the Aiba Group produces whole egg liquid products for the B to B market. The amazing results of the Cavitation technology of Moba-Pelbo pasteurizer line in terms of the high-quality of the final product and in terms of the extended running time of the line without any stops to clean, gave the Aiba Group the position in the market they wanted. So they decided to expand their products portfolio to the separated and mixed products. Therefore, the Aiba Group once again invested in Moba-Pelbo breaking and processing technology and upgraded its plant in 2020. The operation was seamless since the Pelbo Ovolution1500 integrated egg processing system is designed to be easily expandable to grow with customer needs.


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