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Supporting our customers in Latin America

Close to our customers with Moba's LATAM office 

All of Moba's American operations are combined under the name Moba USA. Moba has three offices in the USA that are dedicated to its American operations. The office in Weston, Florida, focuses on the Latin American egg market, which includes Mexico and the Caribbean.


Latin America is an emerging market. The growth of the poultry industry in this region has been explosive in recent years. Over 240 million egg-layers are located in Latin America and produce more than 4 million tons of eggs. Due to this growth in egg production, Moba's business has doubled in Latin America in the last few years. Over 150 farmers and egg producers in this region use Moba equipment to face the high demanding egg industry. And thanks to our office in Weston, we are close to these customers and can offer them the support and service they need in the face of any challenges.


Customer needs

The Moba LATAM team excites of four employees, who are located at the office in Weston, and nine Service Engineers. Mr. Jose Gorosabel, Moba’s Service Manager of Latin America, emphasizes the importance of being in close contact with the customer: "It is paramount that we are able to act quickly when problems occur. Our Service Engineers are strategically located in five countries throughout the region. These countries are Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. In addition, we also benefit from having a full-service agent in Brazil. MRE Technology Comercio supports our Moba customers with their service and commercial needs. For Moba, having a local presence in Brazil with our agent MRE shows our commitment to providing the best service and sales support in this country. For instance, during this Covid pandemic we managed, together with MRE to install equipment at different poultry plants in Brazil. That committed are we to our customers. In addition to our service field support, we also offer a realm of services that benefit our customers within our region. Like the 24/7 HelpDesk line that is manned by our service technicians to assist our customers with any technical issue or questions. From a service perspective, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers."


According to Mr. Gorosabel, the Moba LATAM team has a clear mission for the future: "We want to expand our market share within the LATAM area. In the last few years, we already made some huge steps towards this goal, in doubling our business, but now we have to take the next step and ensure that our customers are ready for the future. Automation will increasingly become more important, so we need to make our customers aware of what Moba robotics can do for their business. As a service team, we are prepared to take on this challenge."

test-1Pictures of Moba robotics at our Brazilian customer Katayama Alimentos


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