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Stonegate trusts Moba for its egg processing needs

The company from the UK invested in a new breaking and pasteurizing plant

Due to Brexit, egg producers in the United Kingdom have serious concerns about the liquid egg market. That is why egg producers all over the UK are investigating their options to expand the business. Stonegate has already made that decision. As an innovative company, it has found in Moba a partner it trusts to supply all its egg processing equipment.


There has been some commotion in the liquid egg market in the UK. The Government has announced a move to a much more liberal approach to trading and the removal of tariffs on egg imports. This decision may lead to the import of cheaper egg products to the UK for food production. Therefore, Stonegate took matters into its own hands and has decided to expand the business, adding egg processing to its operation.


Stonegate — Household name within the British egg market

Stonegate has a rich history in the egg industry that started in 1926. It was in that year that the farmers of Stonegate village got together to form one of the first egg cooperatives in the United Kingdom. Working together has been at the heart of the business for almost 95 years. Stonegate firmly believes that the key to its success has been the ability to establish long-term partnerships with the free-range and organic farms to bring out the best in each other. Stonegate's network spans the length and breadth of the UK and it works closely with the farmers to collect, grade and package the eggs so it can maintain its high standards and manage quality and costs. 


Over the years, Stonegate has become a household name within the British egg market and a key player in the industry. It collects daily from hen houses right across the country and delivers to restaurants and many of the UK's leading supermarkets. Due to its many years of experience, Stonegate understands every level of the egg process, from the breeding program to the importance of the care and welfare of its laying hens. Stonegate is a thriving business, that strives to be at the forefront of the industry through innovations and fresh insight. Its recent investment in egg processing is a great example of how the company continuously expands its horizons.


And Stonegate found in Moba the ideal partner to embark on this new adventure in egg processing.


Processing profitability and production efficiency

To future-proof its business, Stonegate added a breaking and pasteurizing plant. Being a Moba-customer for many years, they knew Moba's reputation for providing innovative products and systems based on the most advanced technologies to support egg processing profitability and production efficiency. Stonegate selected an integrated processing line for its compact, efficient design and simplicity of operations. This spring, despite the outbreak of Covid-19, the Moba UK technicians were able to deliver and install the equipment at the customer's plant.


The Moba team supported Stonegate every step of the way, from plant design to training on equipment and egg processing techniques. After the required validation procedure, the new processing plant is now fully operational and capable of delivering high-quality egg products to cope with the UK industry's needs and growing demands.

Moba — Key supplier of egg processing equipment

The Stonegate project is an important milestone for Moba because it affirms Moba's role as a key supplier of egg processing equipment. After acquiring Pelbo in 2015, Moba has strongly invested in its egg processing department. In the last five years, Moba has successfully commissioned more than 50 complete breaking plants around the globe. Our customers can count on our Service Team 24/7. Even with the travel restrictions due to Covid-19, our worldwide service organization has been able to support and service local customers around the world. A key reason why Stonegate and other egg producers have chosen Moba to supply their egg processing equipment.


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