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We discovered a new world of egg processing

Moba EggXtreme: The future in egg products

In the field of egg processing Moba has introduced a new, unique, and patented industrial process system called Moba EggXtreme. This process system improves the traditional way of egg processing by emphasizing the high-quality and freshness of the egg product and reducing the chance of contamination during the process. With a new low-temperature Radio Frequency system incorporated, EggXtreme is a game changer in egg processing.

Extended shelf life is obtained by treating the product at a lower temperature than the traditional ESL process. EggXtreme will safeguard the functional properties of the egg products.


This new egg processing approach ensures that the high quality and functional properties of the product stay intact during the entire process and protects the product from start to finish. EggXtreme also uses lower temperatures to achieve a gentler pasteurization process, which ensures that the pasteurized egg has similar characteristics to a fresh egg — a significant improvement for egg-based products.


During all stages of egg processing, this patented industrial process system reduces or eliminates the possibility of contamination. At every critical point of the process, from breaking to pasteurization, Moba has made technological innovations that safeguard the quality and freshness of the egg product.

This new, unique, and patented process includes the use of Radio Frequency energy, which has the following effects:

- Longer shelf life

- Shielding the organoleptic quality of your eggs

- Longer production runs

- Drastic reduction of cleaning costs

Find out what Moba EggXtreme can do to optimize your egg processing plant and contact our processing experts.


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