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Evegs Sp. z.o.o. a frontrunner in egg processing

The success story of the first Polish producer of pasteurized liquid eggs

Poland is the biggest producer and exporter of poultry products in Europe, and the egg processing market is an upcoming industry here. A frontrunner in this market is Evegs Sp. z.o.o., the very first producer of pasteurized liquid eggs in Poland. Twenty years ago, the company first started its egg processing activities as Dobropasz-Grupa Rolimpex, changing its name to Evegs Sp. z.o.o. in 2003. And with the recent investment, the company has expanded its capacity and maximized its efficiency.


At Evegs Sp., safety and quality come first. "That is why our production process complies with the certified HACCAP system to meet all food production standards," Mr. Paweł Leszczyński, the owner of Evegs Sp., explains. Through the years, the company has gained more opportunities to grow, especially after the complete modernization of the factory. "That renovation placed us among the plants that meet the new sanitary and veterinary requirements, and when we met those requirements, we were approved by the European Commission for egg production and sales on the European market."

When we wanted to upgrade our plant in 2020 by investing in a new breaking line, we had no doubt that Moba-Pelbo was the way to go.

"We may not be the biggest company, but thanks to the high standards we apply to our production process, we were able to step onto a path of fast development and become a recognized brand with a wide range of customers," Leszczyński says of the continuous growth of his company. "Food safety and quality are paramount for our customers. That is why every employee at Evegs Sp., management included, is committed to delivering the best quality and is aware of the effect on customer health and satisfaction. This ensures the stability of our business operations and serves to further increase our customers' trust, extend sales markets, improve company effectiveness, work organization and internal communication as well as build on the awareness and responsibility of our employees.”


For years now, Evegs has been a customer of Moba-Pelbo. The company first invested in Pelbo technology in 2014 by purchasing a triple filter and centrifuge. Leszczyński: "When we wanted to upgrade our plant in 2020 by investing in a new breaking line, we had no doubt that Moba-Pelbo was the way to go." Evegs purchased the Crono2 loader and the Synchro 6M200. With the new breaking line, Evegs can now produce 72,000 eggs per hour into whole eggs and separated products. The machinery is equipped with an automatic foam distribution cleaning system that automatically cleans the loading unit, reducing operator activities and total cleaning time.


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