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Moba Beijing celebrates its 15th anniversary

A milestone for our office in China

For 15 years, Moba Beijing has been there to support our customers in China. Through the years, the Beijing team, a group of 25 dedicated professionals, has further strengthened Moba's position in this booming market. This year, the office celebrates its anniversary.


Let's go back to the year 2006 when Moba Beijing officially opened its doors. "At that time, China was already a growing market and we saw opening our own office as a great opportunity to further strengthen our position", explains Mr. Christoffer Ernst, the Managing Director of Moba Beijing. "Since we opened our own office, our market share in China has expanded. Around 1.5 billion eggs are eaten in China every day. Less than 10% of these eggs are graded and less than 1% is used for further processing. And we estimate that 90% of these eggs go through Moba equipment."



Over the years, the Moba Beijing team has expanded, but there are still some employees that have been there from the start. Dana Yang (Finance Manager), Albert Wang (Technical Coordinator), Jack Chen (Service Manager), Terry Zhong (Project and Training leader), Jason Shi and Nick Zhao (both Service Engineers) have been part of the Moba Beijing team for many years. Mr. Ernst says: "To keep up with our customer demand, we needed more hands at the office. Today we have a team of 25 employees that take care of administration, service, parts, logistics, marketing and sales. Our largest department is service, with 12 employees, so we can offer our customers on-site support when needed."


Mr. Ernst is pleased with what his team has achieved over the past 15 years: "Our team is extremely dedicated and highly skilled. We focus on our customers and provide a high-quality service: That is our mission, day in, day out. We are immensely proud of the loyalty our customers have shown by using Moba equipment to grow their business. We really appreciate this support."



2020 brought major challenges for Moba Beijing, as China was the first country to be affected by Covid-19 and the consequences of the pandemic outbreak. The country went into lockdown, which made visiting our customers a lot more challenging. "We always want to be there for the customers, but when the lockdown came, it was difficult to provide service, installation and support. However, we quickly found technical tools so that we could communicate with our customers and provide service via remote support, despite all the Covid-19 measures. It was—and remains—a challenging situation, but our team quickly adapted and we found ways to provide support."


In April of this year, the office celebrated its 15th anniversary. It was a modest celebration due to the current situation regarding Covid-19. "We will find ways to commemorate this milestone so it will not pass quietly — but of course it all depends on what we can do with Covid-19 in mind."


The 15th anniversary is a good time to look back, but also to look ahead. "We currently have around 80 customers in China and Mongolia, and in recent years we have installed more than 160 Moba machines, including egg graders, farmpackers, automatic packers and egg breakers. Now it is time to expand our network in China, which is why we are working to establish service and parts setups in Shanghai and Sichuan. We have already planned 20 installations for 2021 and we have noticed a strong demand for automation in China. Great opportunities and challenges are waiting for us and we are ready to take them on."


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