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Moba introduces the MTW tray washer series

The pre-soaking unit enables better and quicker tray washing

Hygiene is of the utmost importance for egg producers. That is why Moba implements innovative technologies to make cleaning its equipment easier, enhancing food safety and the quality of the eggs. But what about the trays on which the eggs are transported? During egg production, these trays can become quite dirty and properly cleaning them often requires a second wash, which is time-consuming and wastes water. Moba’s new and revolutionary MTW tray washer creates a more efficient tray washing, which results in the reduction of cleaning times and established outstanding cleaning results. All this is due to the integrated pre-soaking unit.


History of tray washing

For decades, the use of pulp trays to transport eggs was common practice in the industry. However, due to bird flu outbreaks, these trays became less popular. As a result, washable plastic trays that could be reused and were better suited to automation were introduced. With the arrival of these plastic trays, came the need for a machine that could automatically wash them.


Think about it. When an egg breaks, the egg white and egg yolk can spread over the tray and, if stacked, over the other trays too. If this dirt is allowed to dry, it creates a film of egg on the trays, which sticks the trays firmly together. However, these sticky trays are not always clean after just one washing cycle and, if not cleaned properly, will cause problems further along in the process when the egg grader or farmpacker tries to denest these stacks. This ultimately results in mistakes in the denesting process which leads to machine malfunctions and downtime.


In 2004 Coenraadts, a manufacturer specializing in egg processing equipment and tray washers, launched the CTW5000 tray washer, which was soon upgraded to a higher capacity with the CTW6500 (6,500 trays/hour). When Moba took over Coenraadts' production facilities in 2012, Moba added to its product portfolio this compact and versatile machine, which was the best available tray washing solution on the market. Until now, as Moba has taken tray washing to the next level.


The revolutionary pre-soaking unit

The basis for the new MTW series originated from the well-known and trusted CTW6500 tray washer, but with some major changes. To make the tray washing process easier, Moba investigated the added value of pre-soaking the trays. Compared to dry trays, the washing of pre-soaked trays is more effective and hardly ever requires rewashing. That is because the pre-soaking process softens the dirt on the trays, such as egg white, egg yolk and chicken feces. By implementing pre-soaking in the washing process, even the toughest dirt comes off with considerably less effort. This has great benefits since rewashing is a form of waste and is by definition costly. A huge benefit is that pre-soaked trays are more easily denested. Thanks to the integrated pre-soaking unit combined with the rugged denester of the MTW, this process becomes quite easy.


The pre-soaking unit is just one of the advantages the MTW tray washer has to offer. The tray washer is designed in such a way that water consumption is significantly reduced. A stack of soaked trays may hold up to 2–3 liters of water when it leaves the pre-soaking unit. However, the design of the MTW means that this water is carried back to either the pre-soaking unit or the tray-washing module and then reused, thus minimizing water loss and maximizing water reuse.



In comparison to the CTW6500, the capacity of the new MTW series has been slightly increased. But what gives the MTW the edge over its predecessor is that the actual washing section has doubled in size without changing the overall footprint of the machine. The infeed of the MTW has also been lowered, providing better accessibility and a clearer overview of the machine. Thanks to the completely redesigned nozzle arrangement and a 75% longer washing time, the trays are cleaned more thoroughly. The nozzles even clean the sides of the trays, which no other machine in the industry does.


After bringing the first series to the market with extra care and time for finetuning, Moba is now at the final phase of preparing for high-volume production. The MTW series will be available in two different capacities: MTW280 (up to 3,360 trays/hour) and MTW560 (up to 6,720 trays/ hour) and the regular production will start as early as 2022.


Are you ready to discover all the advantages that the new MTW tray washer has to offer? Wait no longer and contact your local sales representative for more information.


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