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New release Performance Pro module

It is almost a year ago that iMoba was introduced at the EuroTier exhibition in Hanover, Germany. After the launch, we received valuable feedback from customers. We integrated some of this input and have released several new versions of the Performance Pro module. The latest version is 1.5.6. 

Some of the improvements in these releases: 

  1. In the egg production graph, we added different colors for different egg types, showing the order of the different egg types as they were placed on the machine at a single glance.
  2. New size distribution charts have been added, both on an hourly basis and per supply.
  3. Supply detailed charts have been detailed to the minute, providing insight into the homogeneity of the pallets from a size distribution point of view, as well as from an off-grade distribution perspective.
  4. Navigation improvements and cosmetic improvements.

The navigation within the app works really intuitively. The opening screen shows an overview of all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and, by clicking on these, you can zoom in on the details.

In the detail screens, you can view a single day or the trends in a week, month or year. If you need to inspect a specific supply, you can simply click on its bar. You are then provided with a detailed view that shows the size distribution and off-grade results as measured from minute to minute.

Even within one supply, the differences can vary from minute to minute. This may indicate quality differences between different pallets of the same supply. It also displays a table with destination products for which this supply was used. An example of a supply detailed view on a minute basis: 


If you are interested in iMoba and want to see how it works, go to or download the iMoba app from your Apple Store or Google Play Store.


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