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Moba introduces the Forta ET

The newest member of the Forta family: Efficient Technology

In March 2019, Moba introduced a new egg grading machine, the Forta GT. The machine was well received by the industry and considered to be a gamechanger, an egg grader with high-end features available in all capacities that meets the highest standards of food safety. It is no wonder that, two years later, we are ready to expand the Forta family, with the introduction of the Forta ET (Efficient Technology). This latest member is designed with cost efficiency in mind and especially focuses on basic grading functionality with a hygienic stainless steel design and a small footprint in combination with semi-automatic or manual candling of eggs. The Forta ET will be available in two capacities: the Forta ET60 (21,600 eggs/hour) and the Forta ET100 (36,000 eggs/hour).


As you would expect from a Moba egg grader, the Forta ET uses individual egg handling. This means that, from the time the eggs arrive on the rollers at the infeed section all the way down to the consumer pack, any contact between the eggs is avoided. This reduces the risk of cracked eggshells and minimizes the chance of cross contamination.


To keep up with the ever-increasing requirements for food safety and the hygienic grading of eggs, it is important that your grader can be easy and quick to clean. The largely open construction of the Forta ET aids in cleaning after production. The robust design, made entirely of stainless steel, is focused on minimizing the accumulation of dirt and dirt traps. The egg grader is fitted with a washable infeed and packing lanes, and the packer parts are removable for Cleaning Out of Place. All these features ensure that the machine can be cleaned quickly and with minimal effort, which will ultimately reduce labor costs.


Small footprint
What makes the Forta ET stand out is the small footprint of the machine. To save valuable spacing, the automatic packing lane can be optionally shortened as much as possible, which makes the machine easy to integrate into your plant. These shortened packing lanes are perfect for packing trays and consumer packs with manual closing. This unique feature of the ET makes it the perfect fit for your operation.


The eggs are transported into an egg grader on wide-shaped rollers, an ideal basis for accumulating or loading, and prepared for orientation. The wide rollers make all the difference thanks to their ability to settle the eggs quickly during loading, in combination with their large pitch, which prevents egg-to-egg contact. After the Orientator, diabolo-shaped rollers are used. These rollers are an important feature of the Forta ET, as they are an ideal basis for manual candling processes and ensure a stable transfer into the weighing system.


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