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The MR50 — the ideal solution for all your depalletizing needs

The flexible robot for worry-free automatic depalletizing of egg pallet systems

Moba equipment is packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems". In previous editions of Moba News, we explained more about our MR robotics series. The MR50 is part of that series and offers a helping hand in the tray depalletizing process. Find out what this flexible robot could do for your operation in this article.


Transferring eggs to a loader involves moving heavy loads from a pallet onto the grader's transport belt. For example, with a daily production of 500,000 eggs, the total weight can reach up to 30,000 kilograms! The Moba MR50 depalletizing robot can be added to your egg grader, relieving your staff of this heavy and intensive work. The MR50 is suitable for Moba equipment with capacities ranging from 60,000 (170 cph) to 190,000 (530 cph) eggs per hour.


The depalletizing process
Full pallets with five or six layers of egg trays are placed on the automatic pallet transport system. The specific way that the pallet transport system is designed means that a standard pallet jack can be used to load the pallets. These pallets are moved onto the full pallet (supply) conveyor. The entry point of the pallet conveyor is reinforced with rugged guides for properly aligning the full pallet on the transport chains. At the entry point, the supply can be registered in the Omnia as the next in line by simply pressing a button once the pallet is placed onto the pallet transport conveyor.


As soon as a full pallet arrives at the MR50's offloading position, the robot starts scanning the top of the pallet in a vertical direction. This tells the system how many layers are on the pallet and the position of the first row of stacks that needs to be offloaded. The gripper is also equipped with flexible forks, which enables the MR50 to pick up the stacks from the pallet as they are. By using the side plates of the gripper, the exact location of the stacks is determined. So instead of aligning the pallet for depalletizing, the MR50 can adapt its forks to the position of the stacks on the pallet. This unique feature ensures that no additional eggs are cracked from straightening the pallet before depalletizing.


The gripper head simultaneously moves four stacks of trays from the pallet onto the pre-loader belt. As the predetermined height of the stacks is stored in the robot's memory, the second and third row are picked up efficiently and very quickly. During the process, layer pads and pallets are stacked separately in a separate empty pallet and layer pad storage system. Completed layer pad and empty pallet stacks are automatically transported outside of the safety fence of the cell while the MR50 is in operation. When required, the MR50 can place the individual layer pads and pallets onto an integrated pallet washing machine.


The perfect addition to your grader and breaking line

If you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your packing station, the MR50 robot is the ideal solution for worry-free, automatic depalletizing of various brands of plastic egg pallet systems. Flexibility and ease of use are the key features of this robot. In addition, the programming of the robot arm means that every movement is spot on. The MR50 is also very precise when loading the stacks onto the loader. Stacks are picked up in such a way that the travel time between the pallet and pre-loader belt is kept to an absolute minimum. As a result, the MR50's overall performance is so well balanced that the robot can easily keep up with capacities of up to 190,000 eggs per hour (530 cph), even when pallets are only four layers high! Combined with the flexibility of the pre-loader conveyors, almost every possible layout can be created to ensure that the MR50 fits perfectly into your operation.       


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