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innovations at viv europe

Thank you for visiting our booth

What an amazing time we had at VIV Europe! From May 31–June 2, Utrecht, the Netherlands was the meeting place for egg producers from all over the world. We are so thankful for all our customers that took the time to visit our booth and ask our professional Sales team everything they wanted to know about our equipment and innovations. VIV was a great opportunity for us to exhibit our innovations and introduce them for the first time at a European exhibition. This article summarizes everything that you have missed.


Meet Moba's innovations

Forta: 2019 marked the year that Moba successfully launched the Forta. As you would expect from a Moba egg grader, the Forta uses individual egg handling, as well as our famous gentle touch. This not only reduces the number of cracked eggs, but also minimizes the risk of cross contamination. The Forta is designed in such a way that the machine is quick and easy to clean. This is largely down to open constructions made entirely of stainless steel. And if your needs change in the future, you can add additional automation modules to the Forta to meet specific requirements. With the Forta, you are ready to face the future!


De-palletizer DP100: Do you need a way to automatically depalletize stacks of trays? Moba has found the answer with the introduction of the new De-palletizer DP100. The DP100 is the most compact system for depalletizing. It is extremely easy to operate; just manually put the pallet in the correct position and it is ready to go! The DP100 system uses sensors that continuously check the pallet during the process. The pallet is not only automatically scanned, but it is also straightened to the right position. No settings need to be entered; just a single press of the green button starts the process.

MTW tray washer: Say goodbye to dirty and sticky trays! The new MTW tray washer makes tray washing more efficient, resulting in the reduction of cleaning times and established outstanding cleaning results. All this is due to the integrated pre-soaking unit. Compared to dry trays, pre-soaked trays wash more effectively and hardly ever require rewashing. That is because the pre-soaking process softens dirt, such as egg white, egg yolk and chicken feces on the trays. By implementing pre-soaking into the washing process, even the toughest dirt can be removed with considerably less effort. This has great benefits since rewashing is a form of waste and is by definition costly. The MTW series is available in two different capacities: MTW280 (up to 3,360 trays/hour) and MTW560 (up to 6,720 trays/ hour).


Ovolution system: What do you do with the eggs your egg grader rejects? The volatility of the prices of these eggs and the limited market outlets for them, combined with the many issues when handling rejected eggs, such as their fragile nature, makes for a conundrum. However, there is a simple solution that requires little space and can turn the losses of rejected eggs into profitable high-value egg products. By adding the Ovolution system to your operation, you have a piece of easy-to-operate egg processing equipment that not only breaks these eggs using a sanitary method but also produces a wide variety of egg products.


Single Tray Loader125: Moba introduces the Single Tray Loader125, a loader with a hygienic design and true top-line efficiency, now available for six-row-wide systems. The SL125 is placed in front of the egg grader as eggs from different farms and layer houses are gathered on trays at the grading station. Moving the eggs from the trays onto the rollers is a critical process. If the eggs are not treated gently enough, cracks can occur, which means a loss of grade A eggs. That is why this loader gently places the content of a single tray onto the infeed with minimal impact on the eggs, with a capacity of up to 125 cases/hour. A huge benefit of the SL loader is that there are multiple configurations available, suited to your specific layout and requirements, to create the perfect fit for your packing station. 


Synchro breaker: All Moba breakers are equipped with Moba's exclusive egg breaking technology that combines the highest proven yield in the egg industry with the cleanest product possible, contributing to a longer shelf life. This includes the Synchro breaker family. The unmatched performance of Synchro egg breakers is combined with a basic and practical design that simplifies all cleaning and maintenance procedures. Synchro egg breakers are fully CIP cleanable with low consumption during CIP. Synchro breakers combine a unique egg breaking system with the patented egg white inspection system Albuchecker, guaranteeing the highest quality of egg white with fat content below 0.03%.

EggInspector40 with EggQualizer-tool: Are you looking for a way to get the most out of your eggs? Using the fourth generation of Egg Inspector with advanced Artificial Intelligence software, you can tune the systems to your own egg quality standards for any individual defect type. Now it is possible to "tell" your Egg inspector if, for example, a feather is acceptable or how big a black dirt spot must be for the egg to be rejected. This means you can determine what is acceptable and ensure that every egg that ends up in consumer products meets the quality standards of the target market.  


Moba EggXtreme: In the field of egg processing, Moba has introduced a new, unique and patented industrial process system called Moba EggXtreme. This new method improves the traditional way of egg processing by emphasizing the high quality and freshness of the egg product and reducing the chance of contamination. This new approach to egg processing ensures that the high quality and functional properties of the product stay intact during the entire process and protects the product from start to finish. EggXtreme also uses lower temperatures to achieve a gentler pasteurization process, which ensures that the pasteurized egg has similar characteristics to a fresh egg — a significant improvement for egg-based products.


PackPrinter10 and PackVerifier10: A fully integrated solution for printing consumer packs directly on your egg grader's packing lanes. By adding the PackVerifier, you can check the print quality on each pack to ensure that no unreadable packs leave your packing station. This innovation will be available later this year.

Keep a close eye on our website as we will share more about these innovations in the upcoming Moba News.

We had a blast at the VIV! And it would not have been such a great success without the attendance of our valued customers. Thank you for you visiting our booth and celebrating our 75th anniversary together with us!!


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