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Detecting blood spots in white and brown eggs

By using spectrum analysis

Moba egg graders are packed with technology. Some designs are worth further investigation as they represent crucial customer value. In this series of articles, we will be zooming in on these "hidden gems." Detecting blood spots in brown as well as white eggs? No problem with Moba's blood detector BD20. By using spectrum analysis, blood spots can be detected in all egg types, even the darkest brown eggshells.


It doesn't happen often, but some eggs can have blood spots. These spots develop during the egg-laying process when tiny blood vessels in the hen's ovaries or oviduct rupture. The spots are hard to detect with the human eye — even impossible in brown eggs. However, there is a way to remove these eggs from the batch as Moba egg graders can be equipped with an optional blood detection system. If an egg with a blood spot is detected, it can, for example, be sent to a conveyor assigned for off-grade eggs or to the end of the machine.

But how are these eggs detected? When an egg contains blood particles, a chemical substance known as hemoglobin (the chemical that gives blood its red color) penetrates the albumen and yolk of the egg. This results in a diffused presence of hemoglobin in the egg that is not visible to the human eye. This is where Moba's blood detector makes the difference, as a spectrum of LED light is sent through the egg making it possible for blood spots to be detected by the detector's electronics (see image below).


The blood detector measures two signals; one is the wavelength of hemoglobin, and one is a reference signal. These two signals are processed through a computer algorithm and will give information about the presence of hemoglobin in the egg.


Moba's blood detector, the BD20, uses the latest narrow-spectrum LED technology. This lighting technology emits narrow bandwidth light at the individually required frequencies in the spectrum. This lighting technology creates two huge advantages:

  1. As no light energy is wasted in the unwanted parts of the light spectrum, filtering the hemoglobin frequency and nearby reference signal results in a very accurate measurement.
  2. As the LED lighting is fast and very easy to control, the computer of the BD20 can take multiple sample measurements per egg and set the lighting optimally to detect the presence of blood spots in each egg, resulting in the highest level of accuracy.


The use of this optical system and statistical data processing makes Moba's blood detector one of the most sensitive systems on the market. This unique sensitivity will ultimately optimize egg quality, giving you total control.


If you are interested in adding the BD20 to your egg grader, please contact your Moba sales representative.


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