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Moba presents innovations at VIV Asia

Forta, Egg inspector40, Ovolution system

Finally, after four years of absence due to Covid-19, we were able to welcome our customers at VIV Asia again. From March 8–10, Bangkok, Thailand was the place to be for egg producers. With Moba offices in Malaysia, China and Japan, and many agents in this part of the world, we are very close to our customers in Asia. However, this exhibition was the first chance in many years to present our innovations in this region. We are so happy that many of our valued customers and egg producers from the Asian region visited our booth for advice, questions and guidance. This article is a summary of what you have missed.  


- Forta: The last time we attended VIV Asia, back in 2019, we launched the Forta for the very first time. And with great success! The Forta has been a game changer for the industry. An egg grader with a capacity of 100 cases/hour or 60 cases/hour, full of high-end features and an easy-to-control operating system. Moba's individual egg handling concept is incorporated into the Forta. Plus, all of today's market requirements regarding hygiene have been met, such as a washable infeed and packing lanes with removable parts for cleaning post-production. And if your needs change in the future, you can add options such as detection systems. With the Forta, you are ready to face the future!


- The Egg inspector40 with the EggQualizer-tool: Up to 20% of all unwashed eggs have spots that should not be there. If you ask consumers from different markets all around the world what they regard as acceptable in the end product, you will get different opinions in each market. That is why Moba has developed the latest generation of the Egg inspector with the EggQualizer-tool. With this tool, you can adjust your Egg inspector40 to match your quality requirements. How? By allowing you to set your standards per defect, you can decide, for example, whether a feather is acceptable or how big a black dirt spot must be for the egg to be rejected.

- Single tray loader: Collecting the eggs from different farms and layer houses is a critical process. If the eggs are not handled gently enough, cracks can occur, which means the loss of grade-A eggs. That is no longer an issue with the single tray loader. This latest edition to Moba's loader family is equipped with all features you may expect of a modern loader, like Moba's "common speed loading" principle while keeping the highest standards of food safety in mind. The SL loader follows the high cleanability standard set by the industry, as it is designed using open constructions that can all be foamed and rinsed using low-pressure cleaning systems. Plus, the minimal legs supporting the loader make cleaning the area below and surrounding the loader easy and efficient.


- Ovolution system: Are you looking for a way to add value to your second-quality eggs? We offer the perfect solution that requires little space and can turn the losses of rejected eggs into profitable high-value egg products: the Ovolution system. All the steps of liquid egg processing, such as egg breaking, blending, pasteurizing, packaging and CIP cleaning, are incorporated, making Ovolution a complete 'plug-and-play' pre-assembled egg processing system. By adding Ovolution to your operation, you will reap many benefits on rejected eggs, such as a return on your investment and retaining your customers by offering them fresh, high-quality liquid or frozen egg products.


- Vision crack detector: A detection system that can check the eggs for cracks without touching the eggs? It is all possible with Moba's new Vision crack detector. Through AI, the Vision crack detector can see the tiniest cracks that are not even visible to the human eye. Since eggs are natural products, and no two cracks are the same, Moba has taught the AI network with thousands and thousands of sample pictures — training the system on what is right or wrong. The Vision crack detector works on all eggs, regardless of the color of the eggshell.     


- Pelbo Simplex breaker/separator: The key component of an egg processing plant is the egg breaker, which is responsible for turning a high-quality raw egg product into a high-quality final egg product. The Pelbo Simplex breakers/separators are designed for small to medium-sized egg processing plants and are equipped with Moba's exclusive egg-breaking technology, which combines the highest proven yield in the industry with the cleanest product possible, resulting in the longer shelf life of finished products. Pelbo Simplex breakers/separators are built to ensure a long-term, worry-free operation with low maintenance and easy and effective cleaning, meeting the highest hygiene and food safety standards.

Thank you!

What a busy exhibition it was! We welcomed so many players in the egg industry from all over the world, from Australia to the Philippines, at our booth. Even the Minister of Industry of Thailand honored us with a visit. He showed great interest in how we contribute to the Asian egg industry. Many of our innovations are developed with food safety in mind, as this has become increasingly important. That is why Mr. Paul Buisman was asked by the VIV organization to share more about this topic. In his lecture, he emphasized the importance of food safety and how Moba systems can contribute to keeping your eggs safe.


We would like to thank our valued customers and visitors who came to our booth. We are grateful and humbled for the time, energy and effort our customers took to visit us. We hope that you, like our team, had a fantastic time! We cannot thank you enough for making this exhibition such a success! It has been wonderful to see so many of our Asian customers face-to-face after the challenging years of Covid-19.


See you soon at VIV Asia 2025!


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