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Moba grading success in Italy

Three Italian customers commit to the Forta

In 2019, Moba successfully launched the Forta, our latest egg grader family, which was full of high-end features and an easy-to-control operating system, with a capacity of 60 cases/hour or 100 cases/hour. And this game-changer in egg grading was well-received by the industry. Recently, three Italian customers have chosen to invest in the Forta: Fattore Umbro, Palombi, and Cisam/Modern Naples-Salerno. We thank them for their trust in Moba and the Forta!


Cisam/Moderna Caserta/Salerno

A company run by a mother-daughter team

Mrs. Pezzulo and her daughter Cristina manage two factories: one based in Eboli in the province of Salerno, and one in Mignano Monte Lungo in the province of Caserta, with an internal production line of around 250,000 hens.

In 2018, Moba installed an Omnia125 with ten packing lines at their Eboli plant, which they equipped with all the latest technology to ensure a high-quality product for their customers. The machine is equipped with an Egg inspector and crack detector, capable of discarding dirty and broken eggs using advanced technologies, as well as UV rays capable of reducing the bacterial load.

This year, the company decided to replace its grader in the nearby Mignano Monte Lungo plant with a Forta 100 equipped with candling booth, six packing lines and an open block for future expansion. For now, six production lines are sufficient, but there is an ongoing discussion about increasing production using 6- and 12-packs. Therefore, an open block has been planned out, so that two extra packaging lines can be inserted in the future.

As this production company is located more than 150 kilometers from its headquarters, the ability to monitor production via iMoba was essential for Mrs. Pezzullo. With iMoba, they can collect live data and have remote control of daily plant production in the province of Caserta. The Forta is slightly different from an Omnia, but it is the perfect solution for a satellite company and they are satisfied with the choices they have made for both companies.


Fattore Umbro

A new player!


For years, Mr. Mirko, alongside his sister Mrs. Simona and her husband Mr. Gianluca have been in charge of this company, which was created by their father Mr. Carlo Trappetti and is known as a leader in the rural sector. In 2022, they founded Fattore Umbro, an innovative startup for egg selection and packaging, with 100,000 chickens and an internal production line.

To handle all those eggs, they needed an egg grader. The Forta 100 with loader, candling booth, six packing lines and an open block was the best fit for them. Although production is close to the packing station, they opted for a loader, as this enables them to work at full speed with the grader rather than depending on incoming egg belts. Also, there are sanitary reasons, as this avoids the possible emergence and growth of bacteria.

The open block enables the option to add two extra packing lines in the future. Also, an extension has been inserted on the infeed roller conveyor, which means that a crack detector and Egg inspector can be added.

In short, this judicious starting point still allows for the ambition to produce high-quality products and grow year after year. Moba wishes them an excellent journey in this new market and will be at their side to assist them with our optimum egg grading solutions.


Palombi (Macerata)

A highly versatile company

This second-generation family business has been active in several fields for over 50 years — from their feed mill to their chicken farm, where eggs are collected with the help of Moba farmpackers. They even own a breaking and pasteurization plant, where off-grade eggs are sent off to produce liquid eggs.

Last year, they decided to take a big step forward with a major investment in a packing station to secure their future. They commissioned a Forta GT100 'with all options,' including loader and pre-loader, crack detector, Egg inspector, blood detector, ten packing lines and a tray stacker for off-grade products.

The reason why they chose to commit to the Forta instead of the Omnia is that the production would need to be increased with the latter — and that is not the priority for the moment. They prefer to keep the current quantities and improve the quality of the product, while also saving on labor by using the Forta. In fact, this new grader can complete the job with two fewer operators and it allows for improved egg selection management. In addition, daily production times have been reduced by 25%.

The next step will be to invest in the breaking plant with the help of Moba/Pelbo. Keep a close eye on the Moba website, as we will share more about this customer's journey in the coming months.


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