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Introducing Vision weighing

Taking egg grading to the next level

With over 75 years of experience in the egg market, we have a deep understanding of the challenges our customers face. Imagine if our groundbreaking innovations could increase the percentage of grade A eggs and egg profitability, while simultaneously streamlining the cleanliness procedures and reducing labor requirements at the egg grading facility. That is all possible with the introduction of the Omnia PX+ with Artificial Intelligence-powered egg inspection, crack detection and the latest innovation: vision weighing! By eliminating the need for direct egg contact, cross-contamination is reduced to a minimum, cleaning procedures are simplified and therefore food safety is enhanced. This advanced system is specially designed for washed egg markets and will first be launched in North America.


The primary focus of egg producers lies in supplying a growing population with eggs that are both healthy and delicious. However, more and more eggs need to be graded and finding the right people with the right skills has become increasingly difficult. We understand the internal struggle our customers face: optimizing their business while prioritizing food safety and employing qualified staff capable of maximizing equipment performance. By taking the necessary measures to optimize your egg grading facility and enhance efficiency, product quality, and safety, you will enhance the value of your eggs. However, these improvements also bring operational hurdles and associated costs to ponder. Consider factors such as cleanability, uptime of your grading system, the availability of spare parts and service.

But what if our innovations could reduce labor requirements, optimize the value added per egg, and simultaneously enhance food safety? We have made all of this possible by exploring the potential of the latest visual systems combined with Artificial Intelligence (otherwise known as "AI"). With a global customer base exceeding 5,000 and a staggering 1 billion eggs processed through our systems, we are uniquely positioned to harness the full learning capabilities offered by AI.

Vision crack detection

Moba's evolution from mechanical detection to vision-based detection began with the introduction of visual crack detection. Previously, the most effective method of detecting cracks involved acoustic tests on the eggshell, by tapping it like a wine glass. While this technology was highly reliable, Moba found a way to eliminate the need for direct contact with the eggshell by introducing the visual crack detector. The true game-changer in this development was AI. The AI system is trained to detect nuances beyond the capabilities of human recognition. Since eggs are natural products and no two cracks are the same, these networks are trained using thousands of sample pictures, which teach them to distinguish between what is correct and what is incorrect. With the help of AI, even the tiniest cracks that are invisible to the human eye can be detected, regardless the color of the eggs!

The vision-based approach eliminates contact with the eggshell, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, cleaning procedures are greatly simplified, providing significant advantages, particularly in markets with stringent hygiene requirements.


Vision egg inspection

The next advancement in visual detection was the introduction of the fourth-generation Egg inspector. In the Egg inspector40, the monochrome cameras have been replaced with high-quality multi-sensor, full-color cameras. These new cameras enable the detection of even the slightest variation between defects, leading to improved detection rates. How? The cameras take images of the eggs and these images are then processed on a high-performance computer using an AI model. This model is trained with hundreds of thousands of images of possible defects, ensuring accurate recognition of defects and identification of their specific nature. The Egg inspector40 can handle both brown and white eggs, including randomly mixed batches on a grading machine. And with the EggQualizer tool, you can adjust your Egg inspector to match your quality requirements ensuring that only the eggs that are acceptable for your market leave the egg packing station.


The introduction of vision crack detection and vision egg inspection has brought about a profound transformation in egg quality assessment by delivering superior detection results, reducing false rejects, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Now, Moba is taking the next leap forward with the integration of vision weighing technology.


Vision weighing

Through extensive research and development, we have successfully developed a revolutionary method for weighing eggs using AI. By training our AI system with a vast dataset of thousands of egg images along with their corresponding weights, the model has acquired the ability to recognize visual characteristics unique to each egg and correlate them with their specific weights. Once the AI model is trained, it can seamlessly determine the weight of a new egg by analyzing its image. Gone are the days of physical contact — the egg grader simply captures multiple images of each egg, and our advanced technology delivers an accurate weight calculation.


And now Moba can offer AI in vision weighing, egg inspection, and crack detection on both the Omnia PX530 and PX700. This PX+ offers a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need for direct egg contact, provides easy operation, simplifies cleaning procedures, and requires minimal maintenance. With its reliable performance, the PX+ empowers our customers to concentrate on enhancing their business outcomes.

Washed egg markets
It varies whether or not the eggs must be washed; some regions are embracing the practice, while others have regulations that prohibit it. Taking into account the importance of meeting hygiene requirements and adhering to extensive cleaning programs, we have strategically chosen the North American market as the initial launch destination for the PX+, as this is a washed egg market. Following a successful introduction in North America, we plan to expand our reach to other regions where egg washing is commonly practiced.


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