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Double Case erector MCE20

Seamless integration with MR12 robot

Since the MR12 Casepacking robot has two channels, there are many situations that it needs to process two different types of cases. Two case erectors often don’t fit in the layout and for that reason Moba has developed the MCE20. This Double Case Erector will take a flat case, unfold it and close the bottom firmly with hotmelt glue or self-adhesive tape. It can produce two different box formats simultaneously and independently due to the two case stores. The MCE20 can also handle self-ready boxes. The capacity is 9 cases/min from both stores (4,5 cases/min for each channel). Placing the MCE20 in-line with the MR12 creates an optimized layout and utilizes the MR12 to its full potential, since its footprint is the same width as the MR12 itself.  

Unique features are:

  • The capability to handle left and right-handed boxes without the need to change parts.
  • The ability to change case sizes on one side and continue operation on the other side. 
  • The ability to simply add and configure new case formats. 

The MCE20 is developed as an plug-and-play option of the MR12. After installation the training of operators as well as production can start immediately. Due to transparent covers in both MCE20 and MR12 the operator has a clear view on the total process. The aligned HMI and safety concept of both Moba modules helps to understand and operate the total configuration efficiently and reduce valuable labor.

The MCE20 will complete the automation of the case packing process up to a high level. This case erector provides return on investment for your business when maximum flexibility is at stake!


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