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Introduction Top Lidder series

There can be various reasons for placing a separate lid or top tray onto a package of trays with eggs. These lids are placed manually or using a so-called top lidder. These top lidders were introduced to the market some time ago.

Moba offers a special Top Lidder series with the following functions:

  • TL10: For placing top trays on top of trays stacked for palletising purposes or on top of a single tray for shrink-wrapping trays, including a top tray.

  • TL20: For placing lids on special consumer packs (so-called ‘tray packs’) with a separate lid.

  • TL30: For placing top trays on top of trays stacked in a case.


The TL10 explained
The TL10 serves two purposes:


More information on the TL20 and TL30 will follow. Keep an eye on our website for these updates.


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