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Renovation Kobe office, japan

More office space and new look

Moba Group established Moba Japan in 2001 in the port city of Kobe. Over the past five years our workforce in Kobe has increased by 30% and as a result, more office space was needed. Since the company was founded, it has always been in the same office unit at the Sannomiya Grande Building.

At the end of December 2018, we increased our office space with an additional unit to add 50m2. This has allowed us to increase our desk area in the main office while moving our local spare parts to a dedicated room and expanding our office with a meeting room, with full systems for global video conferencing.

While designing the new office, we implemented the new Moba house style and changed from a carpet floor to a wooden floor. This has created a very modern yet comfortable environment for our growing staff. In addition to our office in Kobe we have a fully operational spare parts warehouse and distribution centre just outside of Tokyo.


The Japanese market was always characterised by a high number of egg grading machines with relative low capacities. Over the years we have seen this change significantly to a market where higher capacities and integrated systems are becoming the standard. Since Moba has significant experience and proven results in high capacity solutions, our market share in Japan has increased enormously over the last years. In Japan we have installed over 1,000 Farmpackers together with our agent, and there are about 40 Omnia graders in operation. The Japanese market is very advanced with extremely high demands for end product quality. As a result, our PX technology is becoming increasingly popular. As in many countries, we see increased consolidation with smaller farms ceasing and bigger companies expanding with high demands for efficiency and automation.  


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