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Moba's look back on viv asia 2019

Launch of the Forta GT100


On March 13-15 2019 the VIV Asia took place at the BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand. With a team consisting of 40 people Moba was ready to show Asia its new innovations in grading, packing and processing. From a new egg grading machine to processing systems; Moba presented its wide spectrum in equipment for the egg industry.

The Moba team from all over Asia (to name a few countries China, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Philippines etc.), but also from Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands, was present in Bangkok. It was such a great sight to see the team getting back together after the last edition of the show in 2017. Different cultures merged together into one Moba culture, where the main focus was and is to serve our customers and visitors with valuable insights, information and solutions to further improve their business.



At our booth we showcased our latest innovations: MR12 Twin case packer, Ovolution pasteurizer, breaker, egg grading machine and shell strength detection system for the Asian markets.


The highlight was of course the launch of the Forta GT100 egg grading machine. It was very exciting, but also nerve wracking to find out how the grading machine would be received. Our R&D team worked around the clock to make sure the machine was ready to be launched. At the booth our product developer Mr. Ramon Dekker and our product specialists Mr. Luco Reitsema and Mr. Paul Buisman were ready to provide information and answer questions. The interest we received was overwhelming. We obtained valuable input and gathered much information from the industry. We are thankful and humbled that the launch of our new egg grading machine Forta GT100 was a success! Click here for more information on the Forta.

Customer satisfaction 

During the show it was busy and hectic for the team, but you could see the excitement on everyone’s faces and the rush of adrenaline felt by each individual. During three days the team welcomed customers and visitors who were interested in our products. It were long hours of standing, walking, giving advice and listening. Many times you could hear sentences such as: ‘My feet are killing me’ or ‘I can’t stand for one more minute’. However, meeting with customers gave the team that extra push to excel, because we are happy when our customers are satisfied and happy. And we saw many satisfied customers in Asia.


During shows we always take the opportunity to dine and wine with the whole team. Sometimes customers are invited as well. You hear much laughter at the dinner table and can feel a good vibe. These moments are special and cherished by Moba, because it strengthens the bond even more that we have as a team and our connection with our customers.


During one of the dinners Mr. Fred Houben (customer support) was put in the spotlight! But there also was a bitter sweet feeling… Because Mr. Fred Houben, who had served Asia for so many years, said goodbye after 45 years of service. He was ready to enjoy his retirement. Customers came to say goodbye with gifts. It was so great to see the strong bond Fred had with customers. Moba would like to thank Fred for his long and outstanding service for the company!

Moba had a fantastic VIV show and we could not have done it without the dedication, professionality and cheerfulness of every individual Moba team member. Thank you very much for making this VIV a great experience. 


Last but not least, we would like to thank our valued customers and visitors who came to our booth. Moba is grateful and humbled for the time, energy and effort our customers/visitors took to visit the Moba booth. We hope that you, like our team, had a fantastic time/experience! See you at VIV Asia 2021!


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