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the possibilities of track&trace

The traceability of eggs becoming more important

Nowadays, it is common for countries to demand traceability of food products by law. For eggs, this means that both the consumer and the industrial buyer should be able to verify which farm supplied the eggs in any given tray.


Traceability is becoming more and more important in the egg industry. When safety issues occur, the source of these outbreaks needs to be identified as quickly as possible. Also, the consumer at home needs a way to verify if they have bought any contaminated eggs. Consumers also like to know the origin of their eggs so they can check if the eggs they bought really are organic or free-range for example.


A complex process

Collecting supplier information for each egg has traditionally been a complex process. In the case of an inline egg-packing station (where the egg grading machine is directly connected to the egg supply conveyors), this process is relatively simple as all the eggs originate from that particular farm or chicken house. However, it is a lot more complicated at offline packing stations, where the egg grader receives eggs from multiple farms. The only link between the origin and destination of these eggs is the egg grader at the packing station. Through our Omnia egg graders, Moba offers a solution to this issue, making the process of tracking and tracing much easier.

Moba’s solution

Moba’s Omnia line offers individual egg handling. One of the many benefits of this process is full traceability. The software modules inside the grader know exactly when new supplies of eggs are put on the loader or accumulator, and where they originated. As the position of each individual egg is recorded throughout the process, the Moba Omnia stores all data in a database for accurate ‘per-egg’ traceability. In just a few clicks, the origin of the eggs in a specific product can be found (‘tracing’), and a few more clicks will generate a list that shows where the eggs from this source were delivered (‘tracking’). For years, Moba’s Omnia line has featured this Track&Trace function.


An egg's journey does not always stop at the grading process. If the Omnia machine is connected to robots, case packers, etc., tracking and tracing the eggs becomes a little more complex. Moba recognized this problem, and thanks to full software integration with its own Moba Robotics (MR series) equipment, a standard solution is available that provides a comprehensive solution.


Moba solved the problem by linking Ovotrack basic functions to the Omnia software. This powerful combination is driving forward a complete traceability solution. In this way, a standard way of working is ensured for all Moba Robotics equipment. Ovotrack is the name of a well-known company that has offered software solutions to packing stations worldwide for many years; it is also the name of a flexible software package. This software features a report generator that allows you to create reports according to your needs. If you want to go beyond the standard options, Ovotrack also features an open construction, enabling tailor-made modifications.


While the Omnia software tracks and traces the eggs, to ensure that consumers and industrial buyers have access to this information, it needs to be printed. Sometimes, the associated information is printed directly on the eggs, whereas in other cases this may be printed on consumer packages or cartons, or even on larger shipping units (e.g. cases, display units, or pallets) as well. The Omnia is also equipped with this, offering you the best possible solution for your business.


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