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AP Packer, only Diamond


AP Packer (only Diamond)

Additional packing lanes and basket conveyor sections can be added to most of the Diamond brand grading systems.

The AP packer, exclusively for the Americas, is a totally variable speed system, where every major feature and component functions only as fast as necessary. Each packer automatically speeds up or slows down based on egg flow to that packer. A new generation denester, dater, egg release and carton closer all operate based on egg volume on the same variable speed concept.

The AP packer operates up to 80 cases per hour when required, gently packing 30,000 eggs per hour into trays or cartons. Removable clamp plates and rear access door provides fast change over from one package to another, and sharp denester fingers guarantee positive denesting for most cartons and trays. The 80 cph denester operates at half the speed of conventional denesters because it utilizes two strokes of the packer index. The variable speed features of the denester allow it to operate only as fast as the incoming egg volume. The servo packer has two chains to transport the cartons and trays. Rugged adjustable side guides control the plastic and lightweight cartons at higher speeds based on exact carton widths that vary between designs. A smooth variable speed index combined with a controlled egg release gently positions and packs the eggs.

After the eggs are packed, egg printing, carton closing, top dating and labelling are all operating with the servo packer index. The variable speed feature is gentle on the eggs, reduces maintenance on the equipment and extends the life of all the components. A new generation carton closer handles all popular 2x6 and 3x6 packages without stopping to adjust the closer. The 2 chain index travels through the carton closer without the carton carrier chain contacting the closing mechanism at any time. This eliminates potential jams and damaged packer parts.

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