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AP packing lanes updates (only Diamond)


AP packing lanes updates (only Diamond)

AP packing lanes, exclusively for the Americas, can be added to replace older packing lanes on Diamond brand graders, or can be ordered with additional basket conveyor sections in order to give your machine more packing options.

Packing lanes can be ordered with the standard US denester, or one of many specialty denesters that we offer including the Dolco 36 Denester, Dolco 24 Denester, Trifold Denester, or the combination Dolco 24/Trifold Denester. 

The benefits of adding additional packing lanes include:

  • Helps prevent the machine from stopping with unnecessary packer full stops.
  • Allows the operator to spread the eggs out over more packers, thus allowing them to slow down the speed of the packers themselves.
  • No additional employees are necessary in most applications. 
  • In many cases this will allow the user to run the grader at full speed if they aren’t already.
  • Additional packing lanes will increase your cases per man hour without adding additional employees. This is because the machine will potentially have fewer stops, thus reducing your down time. Fewer stop equate to higher grader efficiency.


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