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Blood detection update (only Diamond)


Blood detection update (only Diamond)

Electronic blood detection, exclusively for the Americas, can be added to any Diamond 8200/8200, 8400, and Innova grader. These systems have reduced candling inspectors to one person, even at higher machine speeds.

Both the Flash tube assembly and Control Box assembly are mounted on the basket conveyor. Depending on the configuration of the grader to be updated, a new, narrower PKM may need to be ordered along with this update so the blood detector unit fits into the machine properly.

The Diamond blood detector also has sensitivity adjustments so the size of the blood spot being rejected can be determined. Electronic blood detection is much more accurate than using manual candling lights.

The benefits of adding Blood Detection include:

  • Helps maximize the speed of graders.

  • Reduces manual candler labor.

  • Improves the quality or the finished pack.

  • Reduces the over inspection and rejection of good eggs.   

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