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DC8400 Update (only Diamond)


DC8400 Update (only Diamond)

DC8400, exclusively for the Americas, is an all-new control system designed to replace the STD circuit card based control system originally supplied with these machines. Replacement parts for the older technology are becoming more expensive and difficult to procure. DC8400 provides the latest available control system components to operate your egg grading machine. 


  • Modern control system.
  • Enhanced software.
  • Less cables and wiring than the standard control system including the elimination of the carriage driver cables.
  • The new system incorporates high-density I/O modules to replace the old circuit cards and card rack.  These modules are more reliable and easier to manage than circuit cards.  They also eliminate the bulky edge connectors.  Wires can be connected without special tools.  Every module has a series of LED lights to indicate status and functionality of switches and sensors.
  • All new control box
  • All new wiring from transfer to basket conveyor.
  • New User interface computer.

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