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Diamond FPX100 Farmpacker

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Diamond FPX100 Farmpacker

The stainless steel FPX100 Farmpacker, exclusively for the Americas, handles 36,000 eggs per hour, slowly and gently, 6 eggs at a time.

The Diamond FPX100 is equipped with many innovative features, including:

  • Servo motor driven pushers which allow more accurate and varied indexes for different size trays.
  • Automatic speed up and slow down feature based on the amount of egg flow coming into the machine.
  • State of the art controls system with keypad and interactive display for easy machine diagnostics and improved fault detection.


SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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Technical Data Diamond FPX100 Farmpacker
Function Farm packing
Capacity (eggs/hour) 0 - 36,000
Capacity (cases/hour) 100
Footprint lefthanded machine (L x W) 4200 x 4375mm
Footprint righthanded machine (L x W) 2693 x 2005 mm
Reservoir height 890 - 1060 mm
Drive system Servo drive
Head width 6 Wide
Power supply 208 - 240 VAC 1 phase, 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption 4A


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