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Digital Scale Updates (only Diamond)


Digital Scale Updates (only Diamond)

Digital scales, exclusively for the Americas, can be added to any Diamond 8400 grader. These scales are more accurate than the old Air Bearing type scales and do not require air to operate.

The benefits of adding digital scales to your Diamond 8400 grader include:

  • Scales no longer require air to operate. Air can get contaminated with water, oil, and other contaminants and can affect the performance of the air bearing type scales.
  • Scales are more narrow, which yields a larger gap between them. This gap makes them easier to clean.
  • More accurate – less outliers.
  • Rarely needs calibration. The scales automatically re-tare between eggs.
  • Plastic body to eliminates corrosion in mounting area.
  • Calibration of the air bearing scales typically takes around 20 minutes. These scales need to be calibrated every week. The digital scales only take about 10 minutes to calibrate. The new scales only need to be done every 3 months. This saves the plant maintenance people a lot of time.

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