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Dirt detection single PC update (only Diamond)


Dirt detection single PC update (only Diamond)

This update, exclusively for the Americas, replaces all three of the original Dirt detection computers with one, high performance computer. By doing this, the entire computing system for the Dirt detector gets replaced rather than 1/3 of it if you were to replace one of the 3 original computers themselves.

The benefits of this update include:

  • Replaces all 3 computers from the original, 3 computer system with a single computer.

Update comes with the latest second generation software for the vision system, with some features that were not available on the 3 computer systems including:

  • Automatic egg number assignment selection during setup.
  • Trapezoidal “area of interest” selection so that the Egg Inspector does not pick up reflections or other anomalies that are outside of the inspection grid.

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