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Easy lift


Easy lift

A semi-automatic system for easy unloading or loading stacks of trays. With this tool even a small person can easily handle up to four stacks of trays in one single manipulation.

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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Technical data Easylift
Function Tray palletising and tray de-palletising
Capacity (Eggs/hour, four stacks placed in 22 seconds) 120000
Capacity (cases/hour) 330
Radius of working area (m) 2,60
Height of working area (m) 2,10
Minimum ceiling hight with 5 layers per pallet (m) 3,40
Minimum ceiling hight with 6 layers per pallet (m) 3,75
Air supply Minimal 6 bar
Colour RAL 5013, blue


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