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Egg inspector

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Egg inspector

By means of camera's and special lighting, an advanced computerprogram can detect leaking- and dirty eggs on the infeed of Omnia egg graders. Leakers can be rejected in several dropgates (depending on the machine configuration) and dirt eggs will be sorted on an offgrade lane. Besides the decision if an egg is dirty, also the severity of the offgrade is adjustable. This combined with the flexibility of the Omnia control makes the simultanious production of accurate output qualities possible.

Moba has now introduces its fourth generation of the Egg inspector with advanced Artificial Intelligence software and the EggQualizer tool. With this new feature, you can adjust your Egg inspector40 to match your quality requirements. How? By allowing you to set your standard per defect. So you can "tell" your Egg inspector if, for example, a feather is acceptable or how big a black dirt spot must be for the egg to be rejected. In this way, you determine what is acceptable and ensure that every egg that ends up in consumer products meets the quality standards of the target market.  

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product specifications


Technical Data Egg inspector
Function Detect leaking- and dirty eggs
Capacity Depending on system
Suitable for Omnia 125 - 700


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