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Egg washers

Pelbo egg washing equipment is designed to be integrated with Pelbo breaking equipment and washes eggs with a maximum of 225,360 eggs/hour (626 cph).

The egg washer modules are equipped with a combination of spray nozzles and brushes. High capacity pumps are used for re-circulating the washing water, which passes through a two-layer filter plus an inline filter. Heating the washing water can be done either by direct steam injection or using a heat exchanger.
The final rinse is combined with a dosing pump to add a disinfectant solution before the optional final drying phase. Powerful dryers can be added to the washer to remove residual water before breaking.

The egg washers are constructed entirely out of stainless steel. They can be manufactured in different layouts, to meet your specific needs.

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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product specifications


Technical Data Egg washer
Function Egg washing
Min. capacity (eggs/hour) 225,360
Max. capacity (cases/hour) 626
Footprint indication Depending on system layout.


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