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Meggbot TP100

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Meggbot TP 100

The Meggbot TP100 automatically places a row of stacks, up to 5 or 6m layers high, on a pallet. It can handle up to 36,000 eggs (100 cases) per hour and works both with plastic and pulp (optional) trays. This tray palletizer is capable of gently handling stacks of trays coming from the Mopack and Diamond series Farmpackers. The Meggbot is part of Meggson's portfolio; a third party that Moba joined forces with so that we can better serve the market with placed egg handling solutions. 

The Meggbot is a compact and affordable solution that will maximize the efficiency of your operation and reduce labor costs. The complete stainless steel construction and integrated light screens create a safe and open design. The equipment is easy to control via a touch screen.

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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product specifications

Technical Data Meggbot TP100
Function Tray palletizing
Number of loading positions 1
Capacity indication (eggs/hour) 36,000
Footprint indication (L x W) 1900 x 2200 mm
Height 2970 mm (6H) or 2875 (5H)
Number of dividers in magazin 12-16
Infeed side trays Left or right
Power supply 50/60 Hz - 230V
Air supply No


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