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ML loader


ML loader series

Many packing stations around the globe use loaders to gently load eggs onto the grading equipment for further processing. For this purpose, Moba has developed an all-new ML loader that meets the highest hygienic standards and uses the common speed loading principle to contribute to the Moba gentle egg handling concept.  

The ML loader is equipped with all features you may expect of a modern high capacity loader, with the highest standards of food safety in mind. The loader has a robust construction consisting of a full stainless steel frame and industrial plastics on the components that touch the eggs. This keeps dirt accumulation to a minimum. The equipment itself can be fully washed down. Due to its open design, the loader is quick and easy to clean: You only need to raise the covers to access every part of your equipment. So the ML loader does not just meet high hygiene standards — it also makes your operation as efficient as possible by reducing cleaning time.

The ML loader can be configured to your specific needs, which creates the ultimate fit into your packing station. The ML loader is available on all Moba grading machines using 6-row infeed systems (Forta, Omnia XF2, FT and PX).

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product specifications

Technical Data ML180 ML350 ML530
Capacity (eggs/hour) 64,800 127,000 191,000
Capacity (cases/hour) 180 350 530
Grader compatibility  Forta, Omnia XF2, FT and PX
Configurations Left, Right, Combi Left, Right, Combi                Left, Right, Combi               
Pre-loader type Double (two stacks simultaneously)
Footprint indication (L x W)  9,755 mm x 4,366 mm
Height 2,190 mm
Air supply Yes


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