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The Mobanette3 needs hardly any maintenance, uses very little power and is easily operated by one person. Just plug it into a wall socket and it is ready to go to work for you.

The tubular lamp gives you a good view of all eggs being candled while you handle infeed and packing.

At a weight of just 20.6 kg (45 lbs) the Mobanette3 can be regarded as one of the more versatile power tools for the egg farmer.

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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Technical Data Mobanette3
Function Grading eggs on weight
Max. capacity(eggs/hour) 1600
Footprint (L x W) 965 x 853 mm
Weight (Kg) 20,6
Operators 1
Candling 1 x 23 Watt PL lamp
Grades 4 or 7
Accuracy ± 1 gram
Infeed conveyor Single row
Power supply 230V 1-phase, 50 or 60 Hz. (In case of 110V, an additional transformer is needed)



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