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MR40 Tray Palletizer


MR40 Tray Palletizer

MR40 Tray Palletizer is a system which automatically places a row of stacks, six trays each on a pallet. The MR40 is capable of palletizing stacks of trays coming from one or two Farmpackers or packing lanes from an egg grading machine.

It has a maximum capacity of 108,000 eggs (300 cases) per hour and can process both plastic and paper trays and stacks on wooden pallets with cardboard layer pads, as well as on all known pallet systems, such as the Eggs Cargo system (ECS)

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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Technical Data MR40
Function Tray palletizing
Capacity indication (eggs/hour) 108,000
Footprint indication (L x W) Depending on layout
Power supply

Suitable for all 3 phase + neutral systems, both 200-230V or 380-420V, 50 or 60Hz

Power consumption

11 KVA

Air supply

6,5 - 8,5 bar

Air consumption

0.4 - 1,6 m3/hour (designed as free air with pressure of 1 bar)


3 C°


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