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MTW tray washer

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MTW tray washer

During production egg trays can become quite dirty and, in such circumstances, properly cleaning them often requires a second wash, which is time-consuming and wastes water. To improve this process, Moba has upgraded the way trays are being washed with the introduction of the new and revolutionary MTW tray washer series.

The MTW creates a more efficient tray washing, which results in the reduction of cleaning times and established outstanding cleaning results. All this due to the integrated pre-soaking unit. Compared to dry trays, the washing of pre-soaked trays is more effective and hardly ever requires rewashing. That is because the pre-soaking process softens the dirt on the trays, such as egg white, egg yolk and chicken feces. So not only does the pre-soaking of trays improves the denesting performance, but by implementing pre-soaking in the washing process, even the toughest dirt comes off with considerably less effort. The new Moba MTW-series is a big leap forward in tray washing.  

And the integrated pre-soaking unit is not the only benefit:

  • Lowered infeed to provide better accessibility and a clearer overview of the machine;
  • New and extended nozzle arrangement, that even cleans the side of the trays, and a 75% longer washing time;
  • Reduce waste; re-wash is hardly necessary
  • Reducing costs

 The MTW tray washer is available in two different capacities: MTW280 (up to 3,360 trays/hour) and MTW560 (up to 6,720 trays/ hour). The pre-soaking unit can be added to each MTW-configuration

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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product specifications

Technical Data MTW280 MTW560
Capacity (trays/hour) 3,360 6,720
Weight (with PSU) (kg) 1,500 2,200
Number of channels 1 2
Noise level Max 84 dB(A) at the washing section Max 84 dB(A) at the washing section
Tank volumes

Washer: 240 liter, cold or warm water, electric heater is present
PSU: 990 liter

Washer: 2x240 liter, cold or warm water, electric heater is present
PSU: 990 liter

Pump capacity 70 m3 per hour at 2,5 bar 2x 70 m3 per hour at 2,5 bar
Water consumption during
production (l/h; including PSU)
± 95 liters per hour ± 110 liters per hour
Power supply  380-415V, 3ph +N; 50A 380V, 3ph +N; 100A
Power consumption ± 26 kW @ 415V ± 50 kW @ 415V
Fuse 50A 100A
Air consumption 

± 335; peak 490 Nl/min
With PSU: 635; peak 980 NL/min

± 665; peak 980 Nl/min
With PSU: 950; peak 1270 NL/min

Maximum dewpoint supplied air 3 C° 3 C°


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