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“PWJ” Series Loading Tanks

In egg processing applications where the incoming eggs are delivered into baskets, Pelbo offers water loading systems, to be integrated into Pelbo breaker systems.

The eggs are collected in a water tank and gently moved up to the breaker by an integrated roller system. During their stay in the tank, the eggs are pre-soaked which makes cleaning a lot less hard. A 3-way filter is integrated to filter out dirt particles from the water.

Finally, a group of brushes and rinsing nozzles is integrated to remove any residual dirt from the eggs before they are further processed.

SMS (Second-hand Moba Systems) B.V.

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product specifications


Technical Data PW1500B PW3000B PWJ5/6 PWJ12
Function Load eggs into breakers
Capacity (eggs/hour) 9,000- 144,000 9,000 - 144,000 Up to 72,000 Up to 144,000
Footprint Depending on system
Rows 5, 6, 12 5, 6, 12 5, 6 12
Filtration screens 2
Removable filtration cartridge 1
Brushes Rotating


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