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Synchro egg breakers / separators

The Pelbo Synchro egg breaker/separators are high capacity machines with high yields and proven reliability. Synchro breakers are available in six models from 20,000 eggs/hour up to 225,360 eggs/hour.

The highest capacity family member of the Synchro series - the Synchro626 breaker - combines high capacity with slow and safe egg handling speed that is unseen in today's market. It is using the same proven technology as in the other Synchro breakers. Because of this there is no compromise in egg handling and this results in high proven yield, minimum whole egg quantities, high quality in egg white (less fat content) and an increase in yolk dry matter.

Through the use of the unique and innovative self-synchronization system, the Synchro breakers offer better product performance.

The Synchro breakers are designed in such a way that product scanning and separation takes place on the same level. Product streams will never cross each other. This way of processing keeps product handling and zone washing completely separate. Connected to a CIP (Clean In Place) system it simplifies the cleaning procedures and offers fast and inexpensive hygiene. Due to this, maintenance of your equipment is minimized.

The egg crackers and separation cups are constructed of stainless steel allowing heavy duty cleaning and offering lower wear.

All parts of the machines are easily accessible which makes routine maintenance operations effortless. Synchro breakers are the answer to your needs to improve your efficiency in egg breaking.

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Technical Data Synchro150 Synchro200 Synchro300 Synchro400 Synchro500 Synchro626
Rows 6 6 12 12 15 15
Min. capacity [eggs/hour] 20,000 20,000 40,000 40,000 50,000 50,000
Max. capacity [eggs/hour] 54,000 72,000 108,000 144,000 180,000 225,360
Min. capacity [cases/hour] 56 56 112 112 139 139
Max. capacity [cases/hour] 150 200 300 400 500 626
Loading Crono2 Crono2 Crono4 Crono4 Crono6 Crono6/inline
Dual Crono2 Crono2 + Crono4
Upgrade - - - - - -
Separation (cups) Included
Albuchecker (yolk scanner) Included


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