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TVS loader series


TVS loader series

The TVS loader series is a robust and reliable platform which can be combined with grading equipment from different Moba series.

All TVS loaders except the TVS28, offer the full functionality of loading complete stacks. Once the stacks are placed on the so called pre-loader, they are automatically unstacked at 2 unstacking locations. Because of the double unstacking facility the tray handling speed is relatively slow and therefore very reliable.

From the unstacking locations, the tray with eggs are picked up with a suction-grip-head and placed on plateau’s that transport them to the egg-unloading position, where a second suction head lifts the eggs from the trays by means of vacuum and places the eggs gently onto the rollers of the egg grader.

The amount of eggs loaded per cycle depends of the amount of infeed rollers of the grader. Moba egg graders are equipped with wide rollers that offer 'gentle' egg handling during loading in the industry.

TVS loaders which are equipped with a continuous running pre-loader belt, enable loading stacks on random positions. Therefore it also possible to load the TVS with an Easy lift or a MR50 de-palletizing robot.

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product specifications


Machine TVS28 TVS60 TVS120


Place eggs from trays onto infeed rollers Place eggs from a stack of trays onto infeed rollers

Capacity (eggs/hour)

28,500 60,000 120,000

Capacity (cases/hour)

80 170 330

Fit with grader type

Prima2000, Moba2500, Omnia 85 Omnia 125, Omnia 170 Omnia 330

Footprint indication

Depending on applicable system

Packaging type

Single trays Stack of trays


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