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Vision Shell Inspector


Vision Shell Inspector

Moba has developed a new way of detecting cracks in the eggshell. By combining the possibilities of the latest technology in visual systems with artificial intelligence ("AI"), Moba has set a new standard in crack detection. Through AI, the Vision Shell Inspector can see even the tiniest cracks that are not visible to the human eye. This new method works on all eggs, regardless of their color! Since eggs are natural products, and no two cracks are the same, Moba has taught the AI network with thousands and thousands of sample pictures; training the system what is right or wrong.

With the Vision Shell Inspector, there is no contact with the eggshell and this results in a reduction in cross-contamination. Another advantage is that cleaning procedures are significantly simplified. All this is especially helpful in markets with very strict hygienic requirements.

Commercial systems will be available on new Omnia PX machines as of early 2022. The Vision Shell Inspector is only available for the markets where eggs are washed, as Moba is still investigating the possibility of using similar technology in the non-washed market.

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product specifications

Technical Data Vision shell Inspector
Function Detect cracks in eggs
Capacity Depending on system
Suitable for Omnia PX


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