Separating egg breakers

Highest production yield

The key component of an egg processing plant is the egg breaker, which is responsible for turning a high-quality raw egg product into a high-quality final egg product. Only the highest raw egg product can produce the highest quality egg products. Moba breakers and separators can process from 9,000 eggs/hour (25 cases/hour) to 225,360 eggs/hour (626 cases/hour).


Moba egg breaker separators are perfect for all kinds of in- or offline operations, due to the multiple selections of Moba egg loaders and accumulators.


All Moba breaker separators are equipped with our exclusive egg breaking technology that combines the highest proven yield  

in the egg industry with the cleanest product possible, contributing to a longer shelf life.

Moba breaking and separating machines combine a unique egg breaking system with the patented egg white inspection system Albuchecker, which guarantees the highest quality of egg white with fat content below 0.03%.


All egg breakers are built to guarantee a long-term worry-free operation, with low maintenance and easy and effective cleaning, meeting the highest hygiene and food safety standards.

Model Rows Capacity range Loading Upgrade Seperation Albuchecker 2.0 yolk scanner
Micro 25 2 9,000 eph / 25 cph Manual/Inline - Chute -
Micro 32 2 12,000 eph / 32 cph Manual/Inline - Chute -
Simplex3S75 3 27,000 eph / 75 cph Manual/Inline to 125 Cups Option
Simplex 5S125 5 45,000 eph / 125 cph Crono1/Inline - Cups Option
Synchro150 6 54,000 eph / 150 cph Crono2/Inline - Cups Standard
Synchro200 6 72,000 eph / 200 cph Crono2/Inline - Cups Standard
Synchro300 12 108,000 eph / 300 cph Crono4/Inline - Cups Standard
Synchro400 12 130,000 eph / 360 cph Crono4/Inline - Cups Standard
Synchro400 12 144,000 eph / 400 cph Dual Crono2/Inline - Cups Standard
Synchro500 15 180,000 eph / 500 cph Crono6/Inline - Cups Standard
Synchro626 12 225,360 eph / 626 cph Crono9/Inline - Cups Standard

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