Egg pasteurization

We deliver high-quality egg products in the easiest way

Moba delivers total solutions for complete new plants or improved solutions that can be integrated into working plants. There are multiple egg processing procedures:

  • Liquid egg pasteurizing lines: Loading, breaking, handling, cooling, stabilization, pasteurizing, packaging and automation are the main points to be defined for these kinds of projects.
  • Egg powder pasteurizing lines: These lines need a liquid egg supply to secure a constant egg powder output. Therefore, albumen treatment, egg concentration, egg dryers and powder filling are very important.

Moba pasteurizing solutions suit every egg-processing operation. From complete integrated solutions with Moba Ovolution to fully customized solutions with PelboPure pasteurizers and even a new way of processing with Moba EggXtreme:

  • Ovolution systems: Complete, integrated and automatic ready-to-use egg processing solutions that integrate all production steps in the same system to offer an easy and effective high-quality way of egg product manufacturing (egg breaking, filtering, blending, pasteurizing, packaging and CIP). Ovolution systems are pre-assembled and extensively tested before shipment to ensure a quick and easy installation. The basic production capacities are 300 l/h, 500 l/h, 1500 l/h and 2,000 l/h.
  • PelboPure systems: These systems are developed to match every single project. PelboPure systems are produced to fully satisfy any customer need. PelboPure systems use all types of state-of-the-art food technology applied to egg products, i.e. special plate heat exchanging technology, tubular heat exchanging technology, hybrid pasteurization technology, cavitator homogenizer, radio frequency, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, etc.  
  • Moba EggXtreme: At every critical point of the process from breaking to pasteurization, we have made technological innovations that will allow you to safeguard the quality and freshness of your product.

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