Eggshell treatment

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Eggshell treatment after breaking is a very important part of egg processing as even the smallest problem from breaking could compromise the complete process.

Moba offers integrated solutions for conveying and eggshell processing. This line of products includes Moba eggshell centrifuges SC500 and SC800 that collect eggshells from many sources like one or more egg breakers. The SC500 can handle a 

maximum capacity of 180,000 eggshells/hour and the SC800 has a capacity of 288,000 eggshells/hour.

Moba's eggshell treatment product line also includes eggshell dryers, which can dry eggshell loads from 500 kg/h to 5,000 kg/h. Moba can offer the complete eggshell treatment process from the egg breaker to the eggshell stocking silos.


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