Egg washing

Add value to your product by improving eggshell quality

Moba's egg washing equipment is designed to be integrated with Moba breaking equipment and washes eggs with a maximum of 180,000 eggs/hour (500 cases/hour).


Moba offers two different egg washers:

  • PW egg washers can be displayed inline (after an egg accumulator) or offline (after a loader).
  • PWJ egg washers can be displayed offline and have to be loaded with bulk eggs. After the PWJ, it is possible to integrate one or more PW egg washers.

The egg washer modules are equipped with a combination of nozzles and brushes. High capacity pumps are used for re-circulating the washing water, which passes through a two-layer filter plus an inline filter. Heating the washing water can be done either by direct steam injection or using a heat exchanger. The final rinse is combined with a dosing pump to add a disinfectant solution before the optional drying unit. Powerful dryers can be added to the washer to remove residual water before breaking.


The egg washers are made of stainless steel and can be configured to your specific needs.

Model Rows Washing capacity range
PW1500B 5-6-12-15 9,000 – 180,000 eph / 25 - 500 cph
PW3000B 5-6-12-15 9,000 – 180,000 eph / 25 - 500 cph
PWJ5 5 up to 45,000 eph / up to 125 cph
PWJ6 6 up to 72,000 eph / up to 200 cph
PWJ12 12 up to 144,000 eph / up to 400 cph

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