Scada and automation

Real-time production data and complete control

Scada and automation

Nowadays, automation is the brain and heart of industrial equipment. Starting from a small machine to a big installation, automation is now controlling every step of the production process. A fully automated process plant can be very beneficial to the user and prevents most human mistakes.


Moba Scada and Automation system not only controls the plant but also:

  • Provides the complete acquisition of data from the field;
  • Provides the opportunity to remotely supervise the production process;
  • Offers the customer the ability to directly check the production reports and traceability.


From the control room desktop PC, Moba Scada and Automation system will allow you to have access to all your plants, from any location to be able to check the current status of your operation:

  • All the parts of the plant will be accessible and can be controlled at any moment;
  • Production data is recorded in a database;
  • All the probe-data is recorded in archives containing up to one year of information;
  • Information logs about CIP and pasteurization;
  • Easy-to-use interface to select the source and destination on every line.

Moba automation lets you control the entire plant from a tablet, so you can have the control room at your fingertips at any moment.


The complete system can be controlled at any time by simply connecting to Wi-Fi. The control room desktop PC will give you access to the entire plant from any location and check the current status of your operation. And if you want, you can even change the settings, for example:

  • Go to the filtering room and select the destination tank. Start and stop the filtering line or perform some maintenance on it. Then move to the pasteurizer or UF and select the source and destination tank. And finally, call for a CIP and then start your production.


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