Tray washing

Enhance the safety and quality of the eggs by keeping your trays clean

Hygiene is important for egg producers. That is why Moba implements technologies to make cleaning its equipment easier. But what about the trays on which the eggs are transported? During egg production, these trays can become quite dirty.  When an egg breaks, the egg white and egg yolk can spread over the tray and, if stacked, over the other trays too. If this dirt is allowed to dry, it creates a film of egg on the trays, which sticks the trays firmly together. If not cleaned properly, this will cause problems when the egg grader or farmpacker will denest these stacks.

Moba currently offers two solutions for efficient tray washing:

  • MTW tray washer: Moba’s revolutionary MTW tray washer creates a more efficient tray washing, which results in efficient cleaning and outstanding cleaning results.
  • CTW tray washer:  Moba Coenraadts tray washer is equipped with a rugged and versatile tray denesting system that is very capable of processing dirty and sticky trays efficiently.

Model Capacity Weight Number of channels Noise level Tank volume Pump capacity Fuse
MTW280 3,360 1,500 1 Max 84 dB(A) at the washing section Washer: 240 liter / PSU: 990 liter 70 m3 per hour at 2,5 bar 50A
MTW560 6,720 2,200 2 Max 84 dB(A) at the washing section Washer: 2x240 liter / PSU: 990 liter 2x 70 m3 per hour at 2,5 bar 100A
CTW6500 6 - 6,500 1,800 2 Max 84 db (A) at the washing station 1,000 liter 2x 70 m3/hour, 2.5 bar 40A

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