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Converting data into value

iMoba is based on a yearly subscription system with the following advantages:

  • No initial high investments.
  • Modules can be added or removed easily.
  • Always up-to-date technology: no maintenance costs over time in order to adapt to new platforms and/or operating systems.
  • You subscribe to features but also to data storage. 
  • Your data is always secure and safely backed up.

All iMoba modules have a three-month free trial in case of subscriptions for existing equipment. With new machines, one year of iMoba Performance Pro is included unless a longer period is agreed and stated in the order confirmation. After any free-of-charge period, access to iMoba will automatically be prolonged without the hassle of migrating from a free trial to the final situation.


We take care of all of that! Automatic renewal of the yearly subscription can be de-activated at any given moment by the administrator. If a subscription has ended, access to the Performance Lite module (main dashboard only) remains freely accessible for an unlimited period of time.

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