Productivity assessments

Expert services for insights to improve your entire plant

We continuously strive to add value to our customers' business. The performance of your Moba equipment can be further enhanced by using our advanced services. A great example of this is the productivity assessment service our Customer Care program offers.


With the expert knowledge of our Customer Care engineers, we can analyze your entire egg grading facility, with the purpose to improve overall equipment effectiveness, reduce costs and optimize performance. Through a thorough analysis of the entire egg grading and packing facility, we help you maximize equipment uptime and availability, enhance production performance, increase yields and reduce costs — thus increasing profitability.


At our request, Moba's Customer Care team analyzed our packing station and our grading process. Our goal was to increase production using the same manpower. We have implemented most of the recommendations that were presented, like hardware upgrades, machine extensions and the use of capacity control licenses for case packers. This has resulted in a higher production output with the same staff, and within our regular daily schedule.   
Mr. Juha Lehto, CEO Kieko OY Finland 


Our professional Customer Care engineers will use their years of experience and expertise to share best practices and profitable working methods. They will focus on the following areas:

  • Operational performance: equipment effectiveness, operator productivity and overall production efficiency

  • Quality: sampling rate, cost of quality and quality risk

  • Production information management: automatic planning, scheduling and monitoring of production processes

  • Supply chain and logistics: working capital, lead time and asset utilization

  • Organization and skills: communication, plant and work floor organization, maintenance and cleaning skills, etc.

  • Compliance: review of your certifications depending on the country/region in which you operate (official authorities or retailers may demand certifications of your grading and packing equipment)

After the assessment, you will receive a detailed visit report with recommendations.

Take advantage of the productivity assessments and take your business to the next level. For more information contact our Customer Care team:


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